14.06.14 - The Welsh Government has recognised the need to improve access to psychological therapies in Wales

At last the Welsh Government has recognised the need to improve access to psychological therapies in Wales. This side of the border, we have suffered from disgracefully low funding for talking therapies compared to England. The NICE GUIDELINES make it clear that COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPY(CBT) is the treatment that should be offered to mentally ill people.Now the Welsh Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, has announced a funding boost of £650000 to improve access to therapy in Wales. Compared to the £183 million made available in England, that sum appears derisory; but it's a start and it establishes the principle that this is what is needed. We need to be vigilant to make sure that this money does not vanish into vague pots in the NHS. IT MUST BE STRICTLY TARGETTED AT CREATING NEW CBT THERAPISTS. Sincere thanks are due to the tireless work done by the CBT4WALES team to keep this issue in the public eye and for ensuring that our AM's were aware of it's importance. We have been given a boost but there is so much more to do. Please go to  for the Minister' statement. 

04.02.14 - Shortage of CBT Therapists in Wales


There is an appalling shortage of CBT therapists in Wales. The Westminster government has spent over £180 million creating improved access to CBT in England, with the result that there is now one therapist for every 17,000 people in England. In Wales there is one CBT therapist for every 55,000 people. Chwarae Teg!

A group of CBT Therapists working in Wales have set up CBT4WALES, to raise awareness of the dire need for more therapists in Wales.

As part of this effort, a conference has been arranged at the MILENNIUM CENTRE in Cardiff on March 28th. Professor Salkoskvis, a world leader in the development of CBT, is the main speaker. We hope that the conference will have an effect on the Welsh Government to persuade them to follow the NICE guidelines and give fair play to the people of Wales.

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